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Be it a single room with potential or a head to toe fixer upper, we'll work with you to reimagine your space and come up with a plan. We'll collaborate with you on finishes and material selections, always mindful of budget and functionality while making sure you're in love with every last product going into your home. When you come onsite, you'll see that we're either there doing the work ourselves, or working directly with one of our trusted Trade Partners.



For those projects that need to begin from a blank slate, we work with you from Day 1 to envision your design concept, assess structural and mechanical challenges, and create architectural drawings, simple renderings, and 3D visualizations. You'll get a clear vision of how your finished space will look long before a single hand has started work, and have the opportunity to talk through the more complicated aspects of your renovation with skilled, knowledgable professionals. This investment in the design phase of your project will give us everything we need to confidently move into the permitting and bidding phase of your renovation. 


We get it, it's a lot. And it's a little bit scary. What permits do you need? What goes into a successful permit application? How much is it all going to cost? Can you really stay on budget? Where are you going to find tradespersons you can trust to do a good job? 

Deep breath. We work with a great team of industry & trade professionals that will care about your project just as much as you do. From assisting with the submission of any permit applications you may require, to bringing in our Trade Partners to properly quote each aspect of your renovation, to working out a "progression of work" schedule, there's a lot of details to be covered. We know how important it is to have a best possible understanding of cost and timeline prior to starting any renovation, and we put in the time on the front end to give you that assurance. We provide itemized quotes that allow you to build your project to fit your budget, while leaving room for contingencies so that the unexpected doesn't catch you unprepared. 


Ready? This is our favourite part. Once all the planning and budgeting has been taken care of, that's when the real fun begins. Throughout every stage of your renovation, whether it's demolition or drywall or painting, we are always aware that we are working in your home, your personal space, and we think that's a pretty big deal. Daily post-construction cleans, regular waste removal, face to face introductions with each Trade Partner working in your home, and regular progress updates are all things that we know make a big difference when you're in the midst of a home renovation, so we put a lot of effort into making you as comfortable and informed as possible while we work to bring your vision to life. 


Sometimes it's in the execution that you get held up in getting your home to actually look the way you've always dreamed. Maybe you know what you want it to look like once it's all said and done, but you're just a little bit lost on how to get there. Share with us your Pinterest boards, Instagram screenshots, and magazine pullouts. Walk us through your home and point out your favourite pieces, those things that you're in love with, but aren't sure how to incorporate into an overall design scheme. We'll create a design concept for you to work off of if you just need a little direction, or you can use our full design services to source, shop, and style your space, collaborating with you to get what's in your head into your home. 



Inspired by your space, we work with you to design custom pieces that are made to fit your home in a way that a retail product will never achieve. We know the frustration of wandering store to store with a measuring tape in hand, and believe that when you're investing in those forever pieces, you shouldn't have to settle. We love nothing more than when we have the chance to combine our custom woodworks with our renovation and design projects. Solid hardwood dining tables, kitchen islands, built-in shelving & millwork, desks, kids beds & playspaces, entryway/mudroom solutions and fireplace mantles are a few of the ways we've incorporated custom pieces into our projects. Every client is unique, and we truly enjoy getting to know you and creating those pieces that fit your home and lifestyle perfectly. 


Your home is the backdrop to your life, from Christmases and birthdays to good old normal life Tuesday night dinners. Whether you live in an old character home, an 80s bungalow, or new construction, there are so many ways to create beautiful and unique backdrops for the life that is lived within your "4 walls". Wainscoting, shiplap, wallpaper, painted or trimmed feature walls, crown moulding, and updated baseboard & casing are all ways we can elevate your space and reflect a thoughtful approach to design within your home. 

Lotholz & Company is a licensed contractor with the City of Calgary, covered by WCB, and we carry full liability insurance. We expect the same from our Trade Partners and can provide proof of coverage at request.